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Eurogrand RouletteThe wheel spins on one direction and the ball spin on the opposite while the players hold their breath waiting to see where the ball will land, marking the winning number. Cheering and clapping would accompany any win and there are hardly no winners at a roulette table so the excitement and thrill are almost guaranteed.  You might not have cheering and applauding playing at the Eurogrand Roulette tables however you are guaranteed to have the same feel you’ll get playing a real Roulette table.

Our advanced Eurogrand Roulette section is accessible via a Playtech powered gaming software which allows you to play American or European roulette from the comfort of your own home. Place your bet on a number or color selection and wait for the ball to drop. You can even play a 2 to 1 payout bet, placing your bet over a third of all the possible selections, increasing your chances to win and ensuring complimenting odds on the payout.  Choose your type of game and strategy and test your roulette skills at the Eurogrand Roulette table.

To get access to the Eurogrand Roulette tables head out to our Eurogrand Casino Download page and download the latest version of our Playtech powered gaming software. Once fully downloaded, install it onto to your computer and register for a new Eurogrand Casino account to get started. You can have access to our Eurogrand Roulette section or any other game within minutes.

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We also feature a flash version of our online casino for players who feel more comfortable playing via a web browser, or simply wish to avoid downloading and installing the software. Whatever reason that may be, both options are alike in terms of providing the safest, most advanced environment for online casino gaming. Register for a new account and get instant access to any type of game you wish to play.

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If you’re new to roulette playing or new to casino gaming in general, you can find much information regarding playing Eurogrand Roulette or playing any of our Eurogrand Casino Games. Click here to learn more about playing the Eurogrand Roulette tables. We offer a handsome bonus to any new player and also compliment loyal players with special offers and promotions.

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